Maria obtains a Villum Young Investigator Grant

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We are delighted to announce that Maria obtained one of the prestigious Villum Young Investigator Grants. The title of her project is “Algebraic curves in information theory: a treasure yet to discover”. This fantastic news means that the algebra group will be able to grow with two postdocs and one PhD student in the coming years. The first postdoc is planned to start after summer this year at the start of Maria’s project. The scheduled end of the project is summer 2028. A description of the project as well as that of the other new Villum Young Investigators’ can be found here.

Congratulations Maria!!

New PhD student in the algebra group

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We are happy to announce that Jonathan Tilling Niemann will start as a PhD student in the algebra group. The planned starting date is the 15th of March this year. Jonathan studied mathematics at KU and defended his master’s thesis today with great success obtaining the maximal grade. His PhD project will be supervised by Peter and Maria.

Jonathan will work within the area of maximal curves defined over a finite field. These are algebraic curves that attain the famous Hasse-Weil bound. Such curves are particularly interesting from the point of error-correcting codes as well. In recent years several new families of maximal curves have been found (among others a family discovered by Peter and Maria that is now called the Beelen-Montanucci family of maximal curves). Jonathan’s project is about finding common properties of these families and, if possible, to use the gained insights to find new families of maximal curves. The resulting impact in the area of error-correcting codes will be investigated as well.

Lara gave an online conference presentation

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Today Ph.D. student Lara Vicino has given an online talk as part of the series of on-line seminars: Galois Geometries and their applications – Young seminars (organized by Department of Mathematics and Physics – Universit√† degli Studi della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”). She talked about recent results on Weierstrass semigroups at points of a maximal curve with the third largest genus. Such curves are of particular interest in coding theory since they give rise to excellent AG codes and fast decoders are known for such codes. The work is joint with Peter Beelen and Maria Montanucci.

New site

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We just launched this site! Please forgive the occasional glitch or lack of information.