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Recent News

Paper accepted in Mathematische Zeitschrift

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The article  “On algebraic curves with many automorphisms in characteristic p” by the algebra group member Maria Montanucci has been accepted for publication in Mathematische Zeitschrift. In this article, Maria gives a partial answer to an open problem regarding the size and the action of large automorphism groups of agebraic curves in positive characteristic. A […]

Ph.D. Leonardo Landi defended his Ph.D. thesis

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Yesterday, Leonardo Landi obtained his Ph.D. degree! The defense of his Ph.D. thesis “Semigroups, curves and AG codes” started with him giving an interesting talk about his work. After that, he answered in a very convincing way all questions posed by the members of his Ph.D. committee. We would like to congratulate Leonardo and wish […]

Exciting preprint on decoding now on arXiv

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A preprint on fast decoding of AG codes is now available on arXiv here. It was written by Peter Beelen, Johan Rosenkilde, and Grigory Solomatov. In the preprint, it is explained how to decode any AG code fast. In fact, the obtained decoding complexity is at least as fast as any previously known algorithm even […]