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Recent News

Paper published in Advances in Geometry

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The paper “An Fp2-maximal Wiman’s sextic and its automorphisms” by Maria, Massimo Giulietti, Motoko Kawakita and Stefano Lia appeared online in the journal Advances in Geometry. In this paper Maria, Massimo, Motoko and Stefano study a sextic curve introduced in 1895 by Wiman as a Riemann surface over the complex field, but seen over finite […]

PhD-student Grigory Solomatov hands in his thesis

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Yesterday, Grigory Solomatov handed in his PhD thesis “Computational Aspects of Algebraic Geometry Codes”. We would like to congratulate Grigory with this! His PhD defense is planned to take place on the 16th of December. Grigory’s PhD was financed by the DFF-FNU project “Correcting on a curve”. Grigory will stick around a bit longer, since […]

Maria becomes editor of JCTA

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Maria has accepted to become editor of the Elsevier journal “Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A” for the next 3 years. The Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A is one of the premier journals on theoretical and practical aspects of combinatorics in all branches of science. The journal is primarily concerned with finite and discrete […]