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Published article in FFA.

As announced in a previous post, Peter Beelen and guest Ph.D. Maria Montanucci recently solved a conjecture on the structure of Weierstrass semigroups of points on the Giulietti-Korchmaros maximal curve. These results have now appeared in the journal Finite Fields and Their Applications. Click here to see the article.

Mar 21, 2018

Progress Sørensen’s conjecture

Peter Beelen and Mrinmoy Datta have just submitted an article in which a conjecture from 1991 by Sørensen is partially resolved. In this conjecture a formula for the minimum distance of q^2-ary codes constructed from Hermitian surfaces is given. Equivalently, the conjecture gives a formula for the maximal number of GF(q^2)-rational points that a Hermitian […]

Feb 19, 2018
isit 2018

Optimal codes used for post-quantum cryptography

Group members Peter Beelen and Johan Rosenkilde with coauthor Sven Puchinger of Ulm University just submitted the paper    “Structural Properties of Twisted Reed–Solomon Codes with Applications to Cryptography” to the conference ISIT 2018 (International Symposium in Information Theory). Twisted Reed-Solomon codes were introduced by the same authors at last year’s ISIT. They are a […]

Jan 12, 2018